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early kibbutzniks

doctor's wife?

fashion writers like to divide women’s body-types into a small number of categories:  say, triangles, rectangles, squares; or maybe apples, pears, and bananas; or the rather dated blondes, brunettes and redheads.

little kids might make it even simpler:  tall/short; thin/fat.  esme has been meditating on the notion that while we are all given a certain configuration of body-parts at birth, there is a lot we can do to alter, amplify or disguise our “type.”  this is where fashion comes in!

let’s take esme for an example.  she is short, dark-haired and slimmish, or to put it even more simply, small and dark.  this has been a part of her identity since she can remember (some early memories involve being called “shrimp” in grade-school).  as she ages, she is definitely not as dark and not quite as slim, but still, on the scale of humans…….

anyway, small and dark has lots of permutations.  esme has tended to choose the gamine look, with short hair and somewhat playful attire.  but she could go with an earthy, kibbutznik look—long curly hair, khaki shorts, red bandana, blue work-shirt (have i got that right?).  she’d have dirt under her nails, and eschew conditioner.  or, maybe she could try on a wife-of-the-doctor look:  hair coifed and colored, nails manicured weekly, make-up with foundation and mascara, heels and pencil-skirts.  a big sur look would involve curly locks, a few tattoos, and yoga-wear.

years ago esme went to an alumni event dressed up in a fitted black skirt, white angora sweater, pointy-toed high heels, and stockings. she met a man there who became a friend.  one day he inquired wistfully why she never dressed the way she had when he met her!  well, she had been in disguise as a totally different permutation on her type; one who wore stockings and heels, and who knows what else!

which leads, i suppose to the question of attitude.  mr. noir always brings this up (i believe he sometimes wishes esme would change her attitude instead of her clothes). which comes first, an inner attitude, or a look???  to really change your look, you’ve got to alter your attitude as well.

oh my, this is starting to sound like a lot of trouble,

yours in transmogrification,



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