by admin on April 2, 2011

something for everyone

just as esme was finishing up writing about types and wondering if/wishing for a type for everyone, she came across this small but riveting ad in the new yorker.

i kid you not—this really is in the new yorker.  in large bold print (and with a photo of the rear end of some kind of cloven hoofed animal next to it) it reads:  BIG ASS FANS.  in smaller print:  not for everyone.  esme seriously could not believe her eyes.  she couldn’t wait to show it to her various pear-shaped friends!

i mean, she knows that booblets have quite an (underground) following….but this was fantastic.  she looked again.  strange….above the print some kind of mechanical device is pictured…..what the??  then below it says “industrial strength. commercial design.  residential chic.”  chic….cool!!  cool…..uh….ok i’m getting it now:  fans, as in cooling devices!  oh too bad, although mr. noir and i have been shopping for a fan.

ah well, i still hold out hope that there’s a type for everyone….



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