by admin on April 2, 2011

"little britches"


roz reminded me of this idiom, which means, of course, getting a swelled head, all puffed up, full of himself…..let’s say it in plain english:  conceited!  on the other hand, many of us have experienced the idiom’s more literal meaning—our pants become too small!  this is just the worst experience.  at first you try to convince yourself that you accidentally put the pants in the drier one too many times.  indeed, this can be the case:  pants really do shrink.  but the more common explanation is that age, gravity, and sheer love of the comestible have taken their toll on one’s waist, and one really has become too big for one’s britches!

one of esme’s worst characteralogical fashion flaws saves her in this case.  because she really can’t stand anything tight, esme tends to buy all her clothes a size or so too big.  she really would look sexier with tighter clothes, but she would be jumping out of her skin.  thus, when esme becomes too big for her britches, it means that for a brief period (until she buys the next size up or loses her 3 pounds), her britches actually fit!

i don’t recommend this approach for everyone, and i really wish i were not such a princess-and-the-pea, but it does have it’s advantages.

an historical note:  the word “britches” evolved from “braies”, a medieval word for men’s under-drawers.  these were originally worn under long tunics, and only later evolved into pants-like outerwear.

wearing my britches nice and loose,



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