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impromptu fashion up at mission ranch


on the first (and possibly only) warm day of the year, esme and claire decided to meet for drinks at the mission ranch restaurant (clint eastwood’s place in carmel).  they have a great bar, and the only deck around where you can sit outside and watch the sun set over the ocean.

claire came directly from the beach, and was apologetic about her lack of make-up and her casual attire.  esme expected to see her looking rather grungy, so she was most surprised when claire appeared in a brightly colored headband, oliver peoples shades, cute cuffed capris, and short black boots!  claire declared that she had put the outfit together from stuff stashed in the trunk of her car (an ancient olive-green mercedes whose name is olivia).  now that is being prepared!

were esme to dress from the trunk of her car, i’m afraid she’d appear in a black speedo swimming suit, some faded black sweat pants, flip flops, a dark blue baseball cap with a thiebaud gallery logo on the brim, and perhaps a little black dog collar embroidered in colorful words such as “eat, sleep, play dig”.  come to think of it, maybe i should try the dog collar on–the colors would be quite flattering!

the best thing about the mission ranch (besides the ocean view) is that a flock of sheep live in a green meadow just beyond the restaurant’s deck.  these are the cutest, fattest sheep you have ever seen!  their coats are so thick you can tell they are just dying to be made into a sweater, and their white faces are etched with striking black details.  by the time the sun had set, esme was wishing she had that sweater on right then!

btw, don’t you think the garnish on claire’s drink would make a great earring design??

mission ranch sheep

enjoying the view,



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