by admin on April 4, 2011

navy duster and pants

oh dear….mr. noir went on a little road-trip that involved buying a car and driving it back to carmel (that’s mr. noir for you), and what did esme do to keep herself entertained but indulge in a bit of really gratuitous sportshopping!  she was not planning to buy anything….just a peek to keep up-to-date and stimulated, but you know how that goes.  it is a sad truth that, aside from the need for a few basics and perhaps some shoes, esme really has enough (or perhaps too many) clothes.  she has been doing yoeman’s duty focusing on combining existing pieces and shopping her closet.

so anyway, esme had gone to the crossroads shopping center for some frozen yogurt.  while there, she ran into not one but several shopping friends!  one told her that she absolutely must check out a purple tunic at the stephan-cori outlet.  ok ok ….esme could force herself to take a look, even though, as a matter of fact, her feet were tired and she had been planning on going home and watching the news!

well, the tunic was not quite right, but esme spied a few other interesting things and decided to nip into the dressing room.  note:   all were AT LEAST 50% off.  she ended up purchasing a really comfy and practical navy blue cotton ensemble by european culture.  there is a duster with big pockets and pants with a scrunchy almost see-through panel on the side.  of course esme will have to get the pants hemmed, but that’s life in the short lane!

sportshopping again,



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