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lucky brand t

here is a woman who is not thin, nor young, and definitely not tall.  she is old enough to be some of your grandmothers.   esme has encountered her over the years as a salesperson at various shops.  her usual style is a long crisp cotton blouse over dark pants, flats and an interesting necklace.

here she branched out into gray, with a sheer silk-screened top, wide black pants, a dark gray over-thingey of fine cotton, and a really fetching ivory and silver necklace.  i think she looks fantastic–stylish, unconventional, attractive.  esme particularly wanted one of those dark gray over-thingeys!  but her art is in knowing how to combine various pieces.  she told me that she had spent quite some time that morning perfecting her outfit, trying this and that until she got it just right.  however, she was most surprised that esme wanted her picture, modestly insisting that the over-thingey was simply a way to hide her tummy.

she admired the lucky brand t-shirt esme was wearing, which pictures a japanese woman.  she has a pair of pants, as well as a wallet, with a similar print.  we both mourned the fact that these pieces are no longer available.

now wouldn’t you love to have a grandmother who dressed this well?




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