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cierra's earring

hoops in vogue

big hoops are BIG this spring!  no wonder i’ve seen a number of them about town!  gold, silver, thick, thin, simple, rococo—if it’s a hoop and it’s big it’s in style!  perfect timing for a talented young woman whom esme met, first at intima, and then in her fashion class.  small world!  cierra rauch is one of those people you might want to hate if you were her age—she is gorgeous, really really smart, and talented.  however, she is just so nice, warm and modest that your envious vibes would stop dead in their tracks and fade away before they even reached her.

so anyway, esme and the rest of our fashion class had noticed for some time that she wears wonderful earrings—big hoops with exotic flowers.  i had assumed that this was because she was from hawaii, and indeed, she brings a tropical air with her whenever she enters the room.  many months later we found out that cierra designs and makes these earrings herself!  (note to beginning designers:  wear your stuff!!)

cierra does not yet have a web-site (she is a full-time with a full-time job, as well as an earring designer) but you can find her wares at intima in carmel or call her if you’re out of town.  (i’m  sorry to say that she already has a boyfriend, and said boyfriend has a pit-bull, so don’t get any ideas!)

feeling tropical already,



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