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braless in paris

braless (on) paris

knowing that esme loves to write about lingerie, several readers have inquired about the pro’s, con’s, implications and advisability of going altogether sans bra.  such a provocative topic!  and i’m sure the range of opinions on the matter are as various as women’s breasts themselves!

a little personal history.  those of you old enough to remember the bra-burning days of the ’60’s and ’70’s know that flinging away one’s bra was considered a grand gesture of female liberation.  terrific fun!  i’m sure most of you experimented with the state of bralessness at least once or twice.  esme had a traumatic experience one of the few times she tried it herself.  she was living in san francisco, and had bought a quite wonderful cobalt blue halter-toppish silk blouse.  it was the kind of blouse that was almost impossible to wear with a bra.  so one day esme was walking jauntily down union st. attired in said blouse and i don’t know….probably black jeans… when some guys drove by in a convertible and yelled “get a bra!”  i know i shouldn’t be so sensitive, but really it was quite devastating.  i mean good grief, you’d think they would at least have enjoyed the display….but unfortunately, they had a point.

the ability to carry off bralessness has a lot to do with one’s body, but even more to do with one’s attitude.  someone of esme’s build (even as a youngster) would need a lot of panache/chutzpah to carry it off.

on the other hand, i know several boobletted women who look quite fetching without bras.  often the solution is a collection of lacey camisoles such as one might find anywhere from old navy to intima.  these can be worn peeping out from one’s (non-existent) cleavage, or showing enticingly under a not-quite opaque top.

as for esme, she feels lucky to experience the braless state (quite guiltlessly) every once in a while when she forgets to bring her undies to the gym!

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