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not your daughter's jeans

perfect cappuccinos

esme had coffee the other day with a new friend, who, despite having paid little attention to clothes throughout much of her life, was excited to talk about fashion.  like esme, she is one of those people who can’t bear anything tight or uncomfortable.  like esme, she has wide feet (tho hers are really wide) and so has trouble finding shoes.  unlike esme, she describes her figure as “rubenesque” and has the issues attendant upon shopping for an old-fashioned figure in a modern world.  ah for the days of loose tunics and flowing robes…..or sari’s and sandals…..or traditional tibetan dress, which she described in glowing terms.

but the wonderful thing was, ms. w. had just had a shopping coup!  she had found a pair of not-your-mothers-jeans, on-sale, in a delicious dark gray with a hint of purple.  she was delighted with their comfort, and esme was delighted with their color and soft hand.  we discussed tops.  ms. w. has been attracted to vertical stripes, which she says represent power.  esme imagined a collared blouse with thick gray and purple stripes.  esme herself once had a similar blouse in brown and purple by etro, which she ended up giving away because mr. noir, for some reason, took a dislike to it!  however, such a blouse would look great on ms. w. and go nicely with her new jeans.

for a professional look, we decided that just the right blazer would look sporting on top.  ms. w. already has a collection of scarves, and was sure she could find one to match.  she explained that scarves are easy to shop for, as one’s size is irrelevant, and you don’t have to undress to try them on!

a few cappuccinos later, we decided to meet next time for a little sportshopping!  (and esme decided she really needed to try on a pair of those jeans!)




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