by admin on April 6, 2011

body glitter

glitter on their little toesies??

esme was first introduced to body glitter by michelle, proprietress of fifi’s cafe, one of our favorite local restaurants.  michelle uses a bit to spice up an all black outfit, and once she gave esme (a good customer) a little vial of it.  the violinist elizabeth wallfisch also uses body glitter to good effect–a splash on her bow-arm looks fabulous in constant motion under the concert lights.

esme has been hesitant to make use of body-glitter, figuring that, at this time in life her skin is not what she wants to draw attention to.  however, she has been known to apply a bit on the wrist or behind the ear, rather like perfume.

the other day, however, she was struck by a terrific idea.  the noirs have been bothered by basement rats again, despite having paid a huge sum to an exterminator to trap them and close up any possible entry routes.  somehow the creatures are still getting in!  esme was thinking about hansel and gretel and their trail of crumbs, when it came to her.  she could track the rats by sprinkling a little body glitter over the places they frequent.  this way they’d get the glittery stuff on their toesies and it would light up their pathways as they scampered about.  just shine a flashlight on it et voila!

well, i’ll let you know how it goes.  at the moment i can’t seem to lay hands on my vial of the precious stuff!

twinkling all the way home,




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