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feather earrings


would you like to be free as a bird?  experience the downy softness of feathers next to your skin?  add a bit of exotica to your life?  pluck a piece of the ’70’s from the past and bring it into the ten’s?  teresa xiong has just the thing for you!  another gifted student in esme’s fashion class, teresa is in the process of launching a design business.  her first product is a set of lovely custom-made feather earrings.

teresa has been wearing these earrings to class for some months, but none of us knew she had made them herself.  they are long and colorful, contrasting nicely with her black hair, and brushing her clavicle.  she finds the feathers at fly-fishing stores, and carries a selection with her in the trunk of her car, in case inspiration strikes while she’s away from home.  in designing the earrings, her first thought is color.  she lays the feathers carefully one on top of the other, to see how the color-mix strikes her.  she can make any color you want.  her own are often wild combinations of neon oranges and green.  of course esme would want some in purples and grays!  in the earrings pictured here, esme was especially drawn to the little black and white polka-dotted feathers on top, which are from guinea hens.  teresa assured esme that she could make some for the short of neck and hair!

the tops of the feathers are bound together with little pieces of leather, then finished off with wrapped wire, giving them a sturdy yet delicate look.  teresa has recently found a feather-vendor who supplies feathers that have been shed (rather than scalped), and is excited about embracing a more humane and green approach!

if you’d like to learn more about teresa’s earrings, and her budding design business, check her out on facebook at anothalevel.

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