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1960's gym suit

1960's fashion

esme and a friend were discussing this matter the other day.  it is shocking to think that all during esme’s school years, girls were not allowed to wear pants to school (this was a public school).  for so many years now it has been skirts optional.  but when did the change occur?

and speaking of change, remember those horrible gym suits???  omg i had forgotten all about them until this topic came up!

anyway, back to pants.  one of esme’s friends was in catholic school back east during the energy crisis of the early ’70’s.  citizens were encouraged to turn down their heat to conserve fuel.  this was not a big problem for californians, but was a different matter for those living in chilly climates.  apparently the catholic school administration allowed girls to wear pants as a way to keep warm in the drafty rooms, and as far as we know, never went back. great example of how the environment (both natural and political)  influences fashion!

esme was in college back east during this era, and although she doesn’t remember anyone turning down the heat, she does remember freezing most of the time due to her ignorance about how to dress when the weather goes below 50 degrees!  by this time, everyone was wearing bell-bottom jeans and frye boots, long hair and beards, and previous rules for dress had  been pretty much defenestrated.  the people who stayed really warm wore down jackets and maybe even long underwear, something esme only realized after she had returned to sunny california!

so esme’s best guess is that she just missed the change in public schools which must have allowed girls to wear pants sometime in the ’70’s.  of course, it probably varied region by region.  esme has emails out to her younger sisters regarding this issue.  google was surprisingly uninformative!

curious again,

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