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1961 brownie uniform

21st century brownie uniform

now here’s a blast from the past:  esme’s mama recently sent her her old brownie uniform–you know, brownie scouts?  it dates from perhaps 1961 and is tiny!  i suppose there are still brownies around, but, not having a girl, esme hasn’t seen them in some time.  and the uniforms have evolved.  now they consist of 3-pieces outfits, with white blouse, vest, and either shorts or skirt.  they appear to be in the same rather icky brown (never looked good on esme!) but i suppose that is to be expected of an organization called “brownies”!

despite it’s color, esme’s little uniform does have a few things going for it.  the fabric has an interesting sheen, which i recall from childhood.  it’s 100% cotton, so i have no clue how the sheen got there!  the tailoring is cute, with little gathers all around the skirt, and a hidden zipper on the side.

i am sorry to say that esme really rather hated brownies. not surprising, i suppose, since she has never been either crafty or outdoorsy.  why she kept going is beyond me! christophe, on the other hand, might have loved cub-scouts, but it was considered un-cool in our circles!  esme’s most vivid memory from brownies is of standing in a circle singing, and witnessing one of the other girls lose control of her bladder and pee an absolute torrent right there in her dress and knee-stockings!  esme has never forgotten the vicarious humiliation she felt (nor can she recall the poor victim’s name).

brownie dresses like esme’s are for sale on e-bay these days, although esme’s would not make the cut; it is greatly the worse for wear, missing all but one button and wearing thin at the seams.  esme must have been, if not an enthusiastic brownie, then at least a very clean one!

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