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mermaid dress

this ear-catching phrase issued from the mouth of a handsome male swimmer who happened to walk up to the pool just as 3 or 4 of us mermaids were doing our laps.  the phrase totally caught esme’s imagination and made her swimming oh so much faster and more graceful!  of course he was probably kind of teasing, but we’ll take it anyway!  especially since at least 3 of us are in the over-50 set.

there we were, in our speedos and goggles and flippers, feeling rather fit (if tired) actually…….being in a pool does create a wonderfully blurry body-image, almost as though one has been photo-shopped.

and the medium makes one feel light and free.  a swim-cap can have an amazingly face-lifting effect as well.  and esme’s hair and brows seem to lose their gray when wet.  the other swimmers were wearing fins, which added to the mermaid effect, in addition to making them go really fast and toning their butts.  esme has to do without, as fins bother her back.

how many of you have ever had a mermaid dress?  esme had one some years ago.  it was a long slinky dress in blue velvet, with cap sleeves and a little fish-tail at the bottom.  how i wish i still had it!  i believe it got banished to the goodwill before one of our moves (almost certainly too tight and too clingy anyway).

in any case, it is a beautiful thing every now and then, to see oneself (at least in imagination) through the positive lens of someone else’s less critical eye.

mermaid for a day,



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