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white jeans and sailor shirt

wheat-colored sweater over greenish t

esme missed the cabi party this season, as she was busy visiting san francisco and having her photo taken with the lt. governor of california!  however, she really wanted to see the clothes, even though she had missed out on the wine, the chocolate, and the company of other shoppers.  so, her friend graciously allowed her to post-view the clothes before they were returned to the cabi lady.

spring is not really esme’s season, either in color or in style, so she didn’t find quite as much to drool over in this collection as she had in the fall.  but you spring people would love the greens and blues, the sleeveless wrap dresses and tops, the floral prints, etc.  esme did find a few items that, if someone absolutely tied her down and forced her to shop, she certainly would have bought.

one was a nice pair of white jeans that fit esme to a t, and didn’t even need to be hemmed.  esme has been looking for just the right pair of white jeans for years, and these came very close.  her only hesitation, really, was that for some reason mr. noir disapproves of white jeans, and esme did not quite have the cojones to face up to his disapprobation just then.  she did come across an interesting fashion blogger who discussed the best ways to wear this article of attire, so you might want to check that out if you’re thinking about white jeans.

another was one of those striped french sailor shirts that have been fashionable for some seasons.  this one had a flattering sort of tucked collar (hard to describe) and a nice feel.  but really, you’d want to wear it with the white jeans!

finally, esme was sorely tempted by a drapey wheat-colored sweater with interesting details that would have looked great with her harem pants (as well as with the white jeans!).  and, she tried on a nicely cut knit t that felt almost like silk, but found the color just a bit too greenish—if only they’d make it in purple!

trying to save my shekels,



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