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thrifted dress for a mother-of-the-bride

mon ami

among the things that esme envies about tavi is her ability to use thrift as a verb (or thrifted as an adjective).  esme also envies her ability to use thrifted garments and accessories to amazing effect!  one thing that esme does not envy about tavi is being in high school–let me make that perfectly clear!  high school in the ’10’s does not seem to be that much different from high school in the late ’60’s, despite the dramatic changes in acceptable attire!

anyway, esme has never quite gotten the hang of thrifting.  however, she was visiting her favorite carmel consignment store the other day (consigning is perhaps a step up from thrifting) when she witnessed a wonderful success story unfolding.  mon ami is a charming little store tucked away in a cozy courtyard off ocean ave.  and a most charming shopper was trying on dresses looking for something to wear for her daughter’s wedding and surrounding events.

she had discovered 2 absolutely darling little black dresses, both with nipped waists and full skirts.  both were quite flattering.  she claimed to have figure issues, but whatever they were, they were certainly not visible in these outfits!  kimberly (the owner) was helping her accessorize, and of course esme could not resist butting in!

first we looked at shoes.  if you look closely you can see that the mother-of-the-bride is wearing a different heel on each foot.  both were great—one in a flesh-tone, the other in black-and-white with a little red bric-brac design around the opening (i’m sure there’s a word for that, but i can’t think of it for the life of me!).

then we looked at necklaces.   pearls were a bit ho-hum, but a little cameo at the neck was perfect!  a very satisfied customer walked out into the blustery day, outfits-for-a-song tucked jauntily under her arm.  and esme vowed to try her hand at thrifting next chance she has.





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