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k. before

esme has never done a make-over before.  in fact, as you may have gathered, although she likes to shop with a friend, the thrust of her shopping is rather….um….well….selfish.  sad but true.  as one advances through middle-age, one can only look oneself in the eye and at least try to be honest with oneself (and perhaps even with one’s readers!).

however, in most uncharacteristic fashion, esme was struck with a VISION concerning a friend in one of her book groups.  (just as an aside, note that the modern woman in esme’s socioeconomic niche tends to belong to not only one, but often two or more book groups!   possible topic for a whole ‘nother blog!)  so my friend (let’s just call her k.) was talking about her difficulty figuring out what to wear for her son’s summer wedding and the surrounding events.  the mother-of-the bride was going to wear a long dress, which meant that k. had to wear something shorter.  she was not happy about the prospect of showing her knees.  the bridesmaids were to be wearing some shade of blue.

well believe it or not, k. was excited about a little shopping expedition.  by the time esme caught up with her she had already bought a fetching little shift dress in navy with a ribbon detail.  but she wanted some slim pants to go with a blazer from rittmaster, and outfits that might double as travel attire.  she was proceeding to europe after the wedding.  esme had been envisioning a pants suit in any case, so this was perfect!

let me see if i can describe k. for you.  she is a rather academic person, very smart but unassuming.  she is tall, slender, and has striking blue eyes and thick un-colored hair.  her style is rather “aw shucks” and she clearly has no idea how attractive she is.  her daily dress is conservative and she is saved from being matronly by her stature and natural beauty.  an absolutely perfect make-over candidate:  natural beauty just waiting to be more clearly revealed!  and willing—that was the best of it!!

so here you see k. before.  and i can see that the shopping will have to be continued in part 2!





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