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k. after

so esme and k. set out one sunny sunday afternoon to check out the shops.  esme was determined not to be pushy and obnoxious, as she hates it when people push her to buy things she doesn’t like.  and she really had no idea how things would pan out.  she had seen some lovely dresses in the window of she in the crossroads shopping center, and thought they should start there.  she is a very european, fashion-forward sort of place, with lots of black and taupe and outfits with crazy pockets crammed into a tiny space.  as luck would have it, the owner, patty (whom esme had originally met walking her dog) was watching the shop.

patty and i picked out a handful of clothes.  while k. tried them on, i scoured the 40% off rack.  first kay tried some dark dark gray equestrian brand pants which esme had actually been lusting after herself.  oh my….. they looked terrific and fit her like a glove!  plus, they looked great with the blazer she already owned.   you could see that k. was getting excited.  she declared the pants (quite form-fitting) really comfy!

k. was not interested in the dress that had drawn esme into the store (a taupe silk skirt with a mesh over-skirt, and a top with subtle embroidered details), so we passed on that.  patty pulled out a jacket and pants ensemble in dark steel gray (esme’s current favorite color) that had a bit of a sheen.  the jacket was a peplum style with a fantastic oriental style collar.  the pants were slim and fitted.  wow!  this outfit looked absolutely KILLER on k.!  the steel gray made her eyes look enormously blue.  the cut showed off the elegance of her figure!  even without jewelry or shoes, or any besides the most minimal make-up, she was quite transformed!!!  stylin’ as they say!!

esme found herself holding her breath, really wanting k. to have that outfit, but not wanting to push or prod.  so k. kept trying on.  she looked pretty terrific in almost everything, although there were a few rejects that we did not get to see.  she fell in love with a light gray cotton and lycra t that had eccentric angles and ruches and could be worn all manner of different ways.  it would go with the suit, the pants, and even jeans.  esme was beginning to think that altruistic shopping could be even more fun than shopping for oneself!

well, the long and the short of it was that k. ended up buying the pant-suit, the equestrian pants, and the top.  she was going to sleep on a long black skirt and a really cool pair of shoes that would be perfect with the suit.  esme can’t do math, but since each piece could be mixed and matched with each other, as well as with k.’s existing clothing, i’d say she got at least 6 outfits out of the deal!

of course, esme’s next step will be to do a follow-up.  and esme must confess that she went back the next day and bought a pair of those equestrian pants for herself!

altruistic to a point,



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