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k. before (before and after michael price)

k. after (before and after michael price)

when esme and k. went on their shopping adventure, esme snapped some casual before and after photos with her trusty i-phone.  she was actually kind of pleased with the way they came out, but she had a vision of more artsy, FASHIONY photos!

esme doesn’t know a thing about photography (but she does know she is ignorant) and she really can’t draw (although perhaps learning to do so will be her next project).  so she searched her memory-banks trying to come up with a person who could do both.

lo and behold, she had recently been found on facebook by a grade-school colleague, michael john price, who is not only a professional photographer, but has a fine painting business as well!  michael graduated from the california college of the arts, and has been specializing in wedding photography for many years.  what’s more, he is an enthusiastic reader of esme!

with some trepidation, esme sent out a missive asking him if he’d be interested in working on her photos.  imagine her excitement when he eagerly agreed!  we went back and forth several times over the ether, and finally came up with versions of the photos that you see here.  collaborating with a actual artist is almost as fun as shopping for someone else!  note:  for a larger version of these photos, do click this link.

learning something new every day,


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