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shopping for health

shopping for happiness

you can imagine that esme’s ears pricked right up the other day when she was listening to the evening news in a rather desultory fashion and heard the word “shopping”.  then she heard something about “health”.  uh oh, she thought, are they going to tell us that shopping is associated with some dire disease, or that there are now shopping addiction treatment centers?

on the contrary, a recent study was quoted showing that older people who shopped DAILY were healthier and happier (!) than those who only shopped weekly!!  they had controlled for the factor that of course healthier people are able to shop more in the first place.  wow, must be that esme has not been shopping ENOUGH recently!  she must quick pass this info. on to her parents–it could add years to their lives!!

it was noted that people burn a fair number of calories without even knowing it when they shop.  in addition, they get out of the house, look at new things, interact with other people…..really it’s kind of like getting a dog, but without the poop-bags or the vet bills!

esme would suggest (based on personal experience) that it might be wise to limit oneself to 6 days a week of shopping.  you really could get worn out (or even burned out) if you do it every single day.  and if you live near one of those outlet centers (the one nearest to us is the gilroy mall), make sure you go on tuesdays (or whatever day it is in your town), when they have a senior discount (seniors are defined as over 50).

and so, dear ones, get out there and shop!  it’s good for your heart and good for your soul!



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