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another baby-boomer staple than no one seems to wear anymore are nylons (or pantyhose….for some reason i can’t stand that word!).  esme came of age just after garters disappeared, so i don’t think she ever wore those, though she can remember her mama carefully fastening her stockings to them.  maybe i would have preferred oh… silk stockings with garters—at least your body can breathe!  but i never could abide nylons.  so confining!  so kind of….nylon!  plus they are so fragile–one run and you’re done! (very unecological!)  so i skirted the issue (as it were) by wearing pants for most of my working life.

now women seem to go bare-legged in summer and don tights in winter.  and tights have gotten wilder and crazier by the day!  of course bare-leggedness has it’s attendant issues:  shaving, waxing, spray-on tans, freezing…….i believe you still can find nylons in department stores, but look around you and see if you can find anyone wearing them!  good riddance as far as esme is concerned!  i suppose the next development will be leg-spanx—not something i look forward to!

letting my legs breath,



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