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the sun is starting to shine, jackets are being discarded, and it’s time to talk about freckles!  esme should be an expert on freckles.  she has had them ever since she can remember.  they started on the top of her nose, and have proliferated every few years.   (not as fast as rabbits, thank goodness!).  in the ’60’s, when esme was little, freckles were considered cute.  esme came by hers naturally, an endowment from her red-headed papa.  no one really knew much about sun-damage then.  a splash of zinc oxide across the nose was about as close as we came to sun-screen.

i know that many of you used to fry in the sun with baby oil (and some still do).  esme never did this, as it would only have resulted in more freckles.  however, after a life-time of outdoor swimming, she has gotten a fair amount of incidental sun and a commensurate number of freckles.  well, freckle is probably a euphemism for sun-damage…..but to the naked eye they could still pass for the kind you get on your nose as a child.  at this stage in life, i’d have to say that i look kinda like one giant freckle!  i remember my great-aunt, who lived in florida, took on this appearance at about my age (and is still alive in her late ’90’s).  while i’d rather have the milky white flawless skin of the genetically gifted and the sun-avoidant, i must say that i kind of like my freckles.  the great thing about them is that they camouflage other flaws (wrinkles, veins, let’s not say more…).  and they go with my favorite perfume–eau de chlorine!

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