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1960's bra

21st century bra

esme was discussing lingerie in her usual venu (the ladies’ locker room at the gym) the other day when a topic she had never considered arose. it all started out when a swimming buddy complimented esme on her bra (simone perele, wireless, if you must know….and i sooo hope they don’t stop making them!).  the topic was young teenagers and fancy lingerie.

having never had a girl, esme was completely out of the loop on this one.  esme’s friend related how her daughter, in her tender junior high years, became dreadfully embarrassed by her simple white underwear.  all her friends were shopping at victoria’s secret, and nothing else would do!  the girl had to have some fancy bras or she would become a pariah amongst her peers!  the poor mother was horrified, but swallowed her dismay and arranged an emergency trip to the mall.  she agreed to underwrite one bra.  any more would have to be paid for with baby-sitting money.  i must say, i was impressed by the ingenuity of this solution!

one can only imagine the scene in the victoria’s secret dressing room.  but esme did not go there.  in fact, in the spirit of reviving her baby-boomer memories, she attempted to recall what she might have worn at this age.  she pretty much drew a blank (must have repressed it i suppose!), but figures she must have worn some version of the rather stiff, white, cotton bras that were common in the late ’60’s.  she does recall not being happy about the need to wear a bra in the first place!  perhaps had she been able to shop at victoria’s secret……..

not long after my friend had purchased a showy little bra for her daughter, she was the subject of another request.  the daughter explained that panty-lines were threatening to push her to the fringes of teenage-girl society, and she absolutely needed some thongs before she was banished for good.  at the time, esme’s friend did not really know what thongs were!  but again she acceded and a little mother-daughter shopping trip ensued.

as the mother of a son, esme couldn’t help wondering what effect all this has on teenage boys.  she imagines the poor guys being absolutely bombarded by the sexuality of their female counterparts.  lust must be spilling out all over the place!  in any case, christophe has managed to survive those years none the worse for wear (as far as i can tell), thank goodness!




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