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cinnamon sweater and black gapt

purple sweater and xcvi t

until recently, the concept of shopping one’s closet never really appealed to esme……i mean, how much more fun to shop the shops!  however, having accumulated quite the collection of clothes over the last few years, esme began to rethink the idea.  in addition, she noticed that some of the styles she had saved from the ’80’s and ’90’s were actually starting to come back into fashion.

her first ventures were very simple.  she admired her fashion history teacher’s style and tried to emulate it.  ms. schelling wears jeans and a simple white t-shirt.  over the t she drapes a series of interesting sweaters and jackets.  the simplicity of the t sets off both the sweaters and her figure.

esme has never looked great in white t-shirts.  however, she decided to try a similar approach with her new (unfaded) black gap t’s.  about a year go esme had acquired a soft cashmere sweater with 3/4 length sleeves and a low neckline in a flattering cinnamon color.  she had tried wearing it over a black camisole, but was not entirely pleased with the effect.  she was surprised to find that it looked quite wonderful (and kept her warm as well) over a long-sleeved black t.  the t could be tucked in or left out to show under the sweater.  the shortness of the sweater complemented esme’s slighty wider jeans.  even mr. noir approved.

another loose-knit drapey sweater in deep purple linen/cotton turned out to look good over a (rather faded) xcvi purplish cotton t that had been relegated to the back of a drawer.  esme had tried this sweater with (ancient) silk blouses in the past, but with imperfect results.  the concept of loose over tight/detailed over simple seems to be the trick.  now if only gap would make their favorite t in aubergine!

starting out with the basics,



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