by admin on April 16, 2011

polka dots and stripes

well, esme is aware that both polka dots and stripes are really IN this season.  and she has been attempting some more daring clothing combo’s (very tame compared to what you see out there, but daring for esme!).  so, getting dressed for her fashion class one morning (an excuse to wear something interesting) she dug out a truly ancient diana slavin vest with tiny dots on the front and stripes on the back, and combined it with a favorite (and also rather ancient) white silk scarf with black dots.  both had barely escaped the consignment store hatchet, and both were happy to be revived!

esme wore them over her black gap t (of course) and a pair of black jeans.  on top she put a truly worn-at-the-seams diana slavin black jacket from the early ’90’s, and she was set to go!  she was totally comfortable.  the scarf and jacket could be removed and added back on depending on ambient temperature and circadian rhythms.  even the vest could be removed if necessary, which it wasn’t!  versatility incarnate!!

but the best thing of all was that esme received compliments from her teacher–awesome!!  now she needs to look in the attic to see if she still has the wide pleated pants that originally came with the vest.  they would need to be let out several inches, but still…..they’re right back in the mainstream.

ah….giving away clothes is such a dilemma!!  sometimes it’s the best thing to do, and other times, if you had just waited another 20 years or so…..

in any case, hang on to the one’s you love (both people and clothing),




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