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cat grooming

woman bathing (degas)

some of esme’s long-time readers have expressed nostalgia for her wackier blogs.  so, in the spirit of customer satisfaction, here goes!  and while you might think this blog is a bit off the topic, remember that esme has been following bathing habits of humans throughout history.  from humans to dogs is a small step for the reader, and a giant step for mankind (as it were)!

one of my least favorite parts of being a dog-owner is the need to give an emergency bath when said dog rolls in a dead thing.  this always occurs in the blink of an eye, and at the most inconvenient of times (one is rushing to get ready for class, the dog has just had an expensive bath at the groomer’s).

this happened to esme yesterday.  hunter was sniffing happily at the grass, esme was listening to the birds, and wham!  before you could say boo the dog was on his back with his feet pumping ecstatically  in the air.  esme knows from experience that no amount of distressed yelling no no no no bad dog does any good at this point, and she was right.  i will spare you a description of the dead thing that started it all, as it was truly too revolting for words!

on the other hand, barring a rolling incident such as the above, esme has been amazed at how clean and fragrant her animal manages to stay.  for years esme rinsed the dog off daily after his run on the beach in the wet sand.  these days, however, we don’t go to the beach, and to my amazement, the dog only needs to be bathed about once a month, just as all the dog-books say.  why aren’t humans so lucky?  think of the time and water we would save!

cats, of course, are both flexible and persnickety enough that they can bathe themselves thoroughly with just a tongue.  hunter  attends quite nicely to his paws and privates, but is not able to reach his back.  he takes care of this problem by stretching luxuriantly on our oriental rugs, shedding any fur or detritus along the way.

i suppose the main difference between dogs and humans is that dogs don’t sweat.  instead they cool themselves by panting.  and fox-terriers, not being water dogs, do not have an oily coat. as for wild animals, the healthy ones i’ve viewed at a distance certainly look glossy and clean.  but i can’t say i’ve been up close and personal with one.  (they are certainly not appetizing when dead, but then, who is??)

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