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elephant brooch (vogue)

cat pin

do you recall when esme predicted that chicken imagery would be big this year?  well, chickens themselves are still big (at least in carmel), but esme was slightly off in her prediction:  it is WILD animals that seem to be stalking the fashion world!  especially elephants!  a little article in the may vogue shows the most fabulous brooch—an elephant head in diamonds, with an azure eye, and what appears to be a giant topaz dangling from it’s trunk!  esme SO wants this brooch!  (are you listening mr. noir?)  recent research has found that elephants are extraordinarily intelligent.  in addition, they are highly emotional, relationship-oriented animals, capable of profound attachments to other elephants and to humans as well.

panthers, elephants, frogs, snakes, birds, you name it—-they have been turned into jewelry, fabric, wall-coverings.  (i suppose the carl’s junior bikini-girl with little turkey burgers decorating her skimpy swim-suit doesn’t really count, does she?)  esme has a little jeweled cat that she inherited from her mother-in-law.  it has been waiting patiently in her jewelry box for years, but perhaps it’s time has come!

the only problem is, esme has never been able to figure out how people wear brooches.  whenever she tries one on, it seems to destroy the fabric of her outfit, list off crookedly to one side, and look just plain silly.  i suppose a stiff fabric is a must, as well as a devil-may-care attitude.  or perhaps i’ll have my pins made into pendants.

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