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purple and black silk (late 1980's)

diana slavin pleated gabardine pants

esme has a small collection of pleated pants from ancient times (the ’80’s and ’90’s) which she has been unable to let go.  imagine her joy when it is looking like this kind of pant is coming back into style.  then imagine her dismay when she tries the pants on and they need, say, an additional 3 inches in the waist! goodness!  all i can say is i must have been really tiny in those days!

on the plus side, one of the pants is a really cool pair of elastic-waist silk harem-type pants made of 2 layers of silk—one black and one lavender.  you can roll up the cuffs and see the contrasting fabric. these pants have a matching silk kimono-like top and a wide belt of the same fabric.  they have the opposite problem from the tailored pants–the elastic has given way and they would fit an elephant!  well, that one is easy to remedy!  all they need is esme’s mesh petit pois blouse on top and they are good to go!  the look is still kind of exotic, but within the realm of what a person might actually wear for a night out.

a trip to the tailor revealed that the tailored pants were salvageable.  seeing myself in pants with wide pleats at the thighs will take a bit of getting used to, but maybe with just the right narrow fitted top and short jacket, these could take on a whole new life!  now the only problem is what to do with the outfits that have been rescued from the attic and really shouldn’t be stuffed into my already full closet.  at the moment they are sitting in little piles on my window seat and driving the meticulous mr. noir nuts!

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