by admin on April 20, 2011

coolibar swim outfit

sun-protection is always a dilemma for a daily lap-swimmer such as esme. rational considerations (the need to avoid skin-cancer, the desire to reduce wrinkles and blemishes) dictate vigilance against the sun.  on the other hand, there’s the need for vitamin d….  and the hassle and ickiness of slopping sun-screen all over one’s body on a daily basis only to wash it off 45 minutes late! rash guards are difficult to take on and off and create drag if they don’t fit properly.

esme has been hoping that swimming before 10 a.m would provide an adequate solution, but the tell-tale strap-marks on her back indicate other wise. sigh……as esme was mulling over these issues in the locker-room the other day, she spotted a woman suiting up in a white rash-guard, cobalt blue pants, and a matching cobalt blue hat.  she looked…..quite stylin’!!  upon questioning, she revealed that she was getting ready for an aqua-arobics class.  she had found her outfit on-line at coolibar, and also had a rashguard that zipped up the front.  of course, esme could not wear the hat white swimming, but it might make a nice alternative to her tilley hat for dog-walking.  and the pants actually looked as though one could swim in them.  the skin-tight fit and the combination of white and blue made the outfit striking.  esme’s photo does not quite do justice to the look, but esme vowed to go on-line and at least consider the zip-up rashguard.  btw, solumbra is another on-line company that makes sun-protective clothing.  but i’ve never quite had the courage to order them sight unseen.

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