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white on white

white jeans

a big trend this spring (alongside a contrary trend of brilliant color combinations) is combining different shades of white or other neutrals.  esme has always liked the tone-on-tone idea.  although she tends towards darker shades, she finds herself drawn to shades of white-on-white.  one can wear white jeans with a cream-colored blouse and flesh-toned shoes.  long white or cream skirts are particularly stylish.  a few weeks ago, the sartorialist pictured a filmy white skirt paired with a fuzzy taupe sweater–it looked fantastic and promised a bit of warmth for a chilly spring day!

esme once had a long white skirt with knife-pleats that she bought in the early ’80’s.  it called out to her from a san francisco store, and looked incredibly romantic.  i wish i could recall what she wore it with, but i can’t.  the problem was, it was most difficult to find the right occasion to wear it.  too dressy for going to the cafe for a cappucino, somehow too white for work, a bit light for going out to dinner (which esme did rarely in those days anyway).  this is the problem with many wonderful clothes; one needs the life-style to support them!

driving through downtown monterey the other day, esme spied a woman in a long white skirt.  she had a couple of drapey layers on top and flat shoes.   the effect was not un-pretty, but somehow wierd!  people just don’t dress that way around here!  (although i certainly give her credit for trying….and who knows, it may start a trend).  perhaps one needs to move to milan to really pull this off!

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