by admin on April 21, 2011

pop-tab purse

pop-tab necklace

esme discovered a whole new thing when she popped into a little shop she’d never explored before on the way back from taking some pants to her favorite tailor:  pop-tab jewelry and bags.  what a cool thing!  instead of ending up caught in the fins of some poor sea creature, these pop-tabs are being turned into wearable art!  the pieces are heavy enough to feel substantial, but not heavy enough to be a burden.  a pop-tab necklace particularly caught esme’s eye!  (although the one i saw was silver rather than gold).

as you probably know, sustainable, non-wasteful, or recycled fashion is a big thing these days, and  designers are getting really creative.  another striking objet in the little carmel shop was a shawl made of silk remnants from robert talbot ties.  ever since mr. noir stopped wearing ties and had a perfectly beautiful assortment of silk ties just collecting dust in the closet, esme has imagined there must be something great one could do with this stuff.   the shawl that esme admired had little squares of fabric with different black/grey/white prints sewn together to create a quilt-like effect.  it would certainly go well with esme’s black/grey/purple wardrobe!

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