by admin on April 22, 2011

thrifted outfit ready for work

another lucky locker-room encounter lead to this fetching photo.  note the showers in the background, and the bamboo stepping mat.  esme had been watching in admiration as this darling young woman put on the pieces of her work ensemble. underwear, boots, black top, wide cut-out leather belt, and what esme at first took to be a lacey white half-slip.  however, as we know, slips hardly exist anymore, so esme was relieved when she realized that the slip was actually a skirt, despite its semiotic references to a garment we used to call a “slip”!

as the young woman stood up and walked over to the hair-dryers to put on the finishing touches, esme could see that this outfit was a case where the whole was greater than the parts.  really, it was genius, and certainly something that esme herself could never have imagined assembling!

note how the wide belt flatters her waist, the white skirt adds a sprig of spring, while the black top and brown boots keep the outfit grounded.  as it turns out, the entire outfit was “thrifted” at a local goodwill, even the italian boots!  wow!  ms. x was heading off to her job as hostess at a carmel valley restaurant.  she wanted a slightly western look, but was required to wear black on top.  her  solution was perfect:  at once wholesome and sexy, inviting, and eye-catching without being over-the-top.

ah to be young once more,



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