by admin on April 22, 2011

shoppers whizzing by

when esme first started writing her blog, she knew a lot about writing, a fair bit about shopping, and almost nothing at all about photography.  however, it soon became evident that esme would need photos to go with her blog.

fortunately, she had recently acquired an i-phone, and learned that taking a picture was truly easier than dialing a phone-number.  she started thinking about lighting and composition.  she quickly realized that she did not know how to pose.  she found that the light in her house was better in the afternoon than in the morning.

but what she really longed to do was to take fashion-on-the-street photos!  this is easier said than done.  it’s not hard to find an interesting looking person whizzing by on the way to somewhere, or perched seductively on a bar-stool deep in conversation.  the difficult part for esme (who started out life as a very shy person, believe it or not) is to ASK the person if she can take their photo.

i wonder how the people who write the sartorialist (pre-eminent fashion-on-the-street photo blog) got their start.  now, i’m sure, people fall all over themselves to be photographed.  but there must have been a time when they had to work up the courage to ask.  perhaps they just weren’t shy.  perhaps they had no fear of rejection.  perhaps they started out with a telephoto lens that allowed them to take photos without being seen.

the surprising thing is, once esme works up her courage to ask for a photo, people are usually more than willing to comply.  in fact, they are often thrilled!  that is, if esme can work up her courage before they have disappeared off into the wild blue yonder.  only one person has actually said no, and this was a very beautiful woman in a head-covering whose religion forbid photos.   still, it’s always hard to ask.

perhaps you will understand this better if i tell you that when esme was in high school she was so shy that she was afraid to order food from the little on-campus food-vendor because she would have to ASK for what she wanted!  instead, she made her lunch at home every day–indeed people would look at her lunch with envy, so i guess she didn’t lose much!  thank goodness esme never had a job where she had to make cold calls!

still working on my chutzpah,




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