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equestrian pants

assorted equestrians

esme’s book group met at her house the other day.  she decided to wear her new dark gray equestrian pants with a black asymmetrical planet t.  imagine her delight when her erstwhile client, k., showed up in HER dark gray equestrian pants, asymmetrical t, and long turquoise sweater! k. looked smashing, and had the attitude to go with it!  all the book group ladies insisted we hike up our t’s to show off the details of the equestrian pants.  everyone wanted a pair!  i’ve promised to take whimsey (who is about my size) shopping at her earliest convenience.  in the meantime, i decided i really needed to do a bit of independent research!

an internet search for “equestrian pants”, “equestrian design,” etc. turned up nothing but actual horse-riding attire.  it’s always a shock these days when you can’t even find a mention of a thing on-line.  on the other hand, i suppose it’s refreshing!  so, you’ll have to go to the actual shops to seek out these pants. in carmel, several of the small boutiques carry equestrian brand pants (she, pacific rim, b real) so i assume you will be able to find them in a boutique in your neighborhood.  if not, you’ll just have to come to carmel!

the pants that esme and k. bought have a flat elastic waist (invisible from the outside), a few darts front and back, and narrow to the ankle where they end in concealed zippers.  on a short person such as esme, they look fine a bit scrunched up at the bottom.  come to find out there are all sorts of style variations.  esme found some on-sale that had a slight boot-cut and came in tan and chocolate brown.  some have wider legs with decorative zippers at pockets and hems.  some are more like leggings than pants.  and some come in lighter, more cotton-like fabrics for summer.  the great thing about these pants is that they mold to your body but don’t stretch (no baggy knees), they are exceptionally comfortable, and for reasons i can’t quite put my finger on, seem to be flattering for many different sizes and shapes.

can’t wait to see what whimsey thinks!



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