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topics of discussion among the members of esme’s book group range from books (naturally) to food to fashion to face-lifts and back again.  the other day we were talking face-lifts.  one member related that she was out to lunch with a bunch of ladies awhile back, and happened to view them all in profile.  she was astounded to find that they all looked alike–same plastic surgeon!  this is not a good advertisement!  wearing the same pair of pants is one thing, but having the same chin is quite another!

i don’t know if you have reached this phase of life yet, but most of us are in that phase where, not only do we read obituaries, but we scan acquaintances, colleagues and celebrities trying to ascertain whether or not they have had “work.”   i can only assume that eventually one ages out of this phase, and stops giving a damn one way or the other!

anyway, one of our members was polling the others as to whether she should take the plunge and have a face-lift.  esme was of the very firm opinion that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, and this member’s face was most certainly not broke!  but as you may have gleaned, esme is a bit prejudiced when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

others shared alternative approaches.  many swore by retin-A (yes, you should all try it).  there is also a prescription bleaching cream for those unsettling age-spots.  one brought up the possibility of chin/neck liposuction.  most interesting of all was the tale of one member who has been participating in an investigational study of stem-cell treatment for the skin.  let me tell that her skin looks great!  apparently this treatment will be available commercially within the year.  i will definitely keep my eyes peeled (as it were)!

another approach is to develop an illness that absolutely requires a bit of plastic surgery.  for instance, a book group member must have surgery for breast cancer, but was quite excited about getting a little breast lift out of the deal.  i truly do not recommend this gambit, but if it happens to find you in life, go ahead and take advantage of it–might as well make lemonade!

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