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among women

so here esme was sitting in class today with 15 or so college-age women (and 2 men).  esme was feeling her age.  she just didn’t quite have the get-up-and-go she wished she had (perhaps she should have brought a snack??).  she was dreading doing her homework.  she was dreading walking the dog.  she was dreading figuring out what to have for dinner.  as class ended, one of the youngsters sighed and said how tired SHE was.  could have been a night on the town, but esme’s first thought was pms.  and then her second thought was how very long it had been since she had had pms.  this was a relief at first, but then she felt even older!

she started thinking about the huge divide that separated her from the other students.  their tasks in life were very different.  their living situations too (dorms?  roomates?  living with parents??)  but most of all, their hormonal status was different from esme’s.  they still HAD their hormones, wrecking havoc on their moods, but providing almost boundless energy, smooth skin, and most likely, a certain procreative drive!

then esme remembered that study from years ago about how women living together in dorms started becoming synchronized in their menstrual cycles.  what effect, then, would spending time among menstruating, ovulating females have upon the post-menopausal body??  and would the teacher benefit from this as well?  has anyone studied this among college professors, or high school teachers?

anyway esme vowed that during the next class she would concentrate on opening all her chakras to the female energy in the room.  she imagined a yoga pose with palms up, eyes half-shut, and heart open……of course everyone would think she was nuts, but perhaps she could sip from the fountain of youth for a few hours at least.

i’ll let you know what happens,



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