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equipment blouse

pale neutral

a few months ago i saw this announcement on the window of a store in our little mall.  has the blouse ever been gone?  upon reflection, esme decided that indeed it had;  just look at all the blouses hanging forlorn in her closet!  for several years, t-shirts and  knits have replaced the blouse.  not that knits are out, but perhaps esme’s blouses will get a bit of exercise.  she might even have to shop for a few new ones!

a bit of research at leaf and petal in palo alto revealed a couple of trends.  first of all, blouses are definitely in, and there are lots to choose from.  equipment, a brand esme bought in the early ’90’s makes lovely blouses.  floral blouses in sheer silk voile are big.  long and drapey, they can be worn over leggings or narrow jeans, or tucked in under pleated pants.  they can flow over a long skirt.  most require a camisole or some sort of under layer for the over 25!  i tried a lovely version on at leaf and petal and took a photo to show mr. noir, who was tasting wine next door.  this had a floral pattern of (guess what?) leaves and petals (!), which mr. noir diagnosed, the way that only he can, as “looking like a rash”.  mon dieu—you see what esme is up against?  i assured him that it looked much better in the flesh than in the photo, but decided it would be wiser not to buy it just then.

another blouse trend is pale neutrals.  blouses in almost invisible peaches, pinks, tans, grays and creams are wonderful for a tone-on-tone look paired with bottoms in the same color family.  i love these neutrals!  the trick is to find one that doesn’t wash one out.  esme tried one in a really pale pinkish color and it looked surprisingly good!

however, don’t even think of spilling red wine on a blouse like this!



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