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crazy skirt

silk voile blouse

esme hadn’t been to sylvie in quite some time and just had to take a peek.  first thing she noticed was a couple of women gabbling away in french.  esme always finds this riveting!  one was trying on clothes and the other was commentating.  the one trying on clothes had on a really cute pair of yael orgad jeans, with cool tuck-like details at the knee and a generous but slimming cut.  of course esme had to put in her 2 cents of approval.  this started up a conversation and clothes-trying-on binge that ended up lasting until closing time!  esme had to call mr. noir and explain where she was.

turns out the women were sisters, originally from egypt (of all places), and french was their native language, though they spoke english like natives as well.  the one trying on clothes, ms. v., loved the drapey, baggy european/japanese look, while the other sister liked her clothes tighter and more traditional.  the traditional sister was horrified by some of the clothes ms. v. was trying on, and eventually had to excuse herself to get a coffee.  esme had to try a few things on just for illustration.  she found some things for ms. v. and then tried them on herself.  she certainly would have tried on the jeans, but they were not available in her size.

they both (esme and ms. v.) tried this totally killer black skirt. it was made of a fine material of some sort with rather indescribable padded thingies in the shape of coat-hanger pads that made the skirt stand out as though it had hoops.  even though esme had to admit that it just might look better on a taller version of herself, she SO wants this skirt, and the life-style to go with it!   well, maybe if it goes on sale…..

they also tried this fantastic silk voile blouse in black with a white pattern and assymetrical hem.  it looked especially fetching on ms. v., although she was concerned that the fabric was too delicate to be practical.  by the end of the afternoon, ms. v. had purchased (with esme’s advice and support) three items, lots of female bonding had occurred, and esme had gotten her shopping fix without having to actually buy a thing!

wear them in good health,



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