by admin on April 26, 2011

17th century 3-piece suit

esme had somehow naively assumed that western men had always worn a garment similar to a suit.  in fact, she had assumed that they had always worn pants.  well, clearly she was mistaken!  for thousands of years men walked about in tunics, skirts, togas, robes—anything but pants!

the forerunner of the suit was introduced in 1666 by charles ii of england.  he wanted to simplify men’s attire, and promoted wearing a knee-length coat and vest of similar length.  underneath this he wore breeches (also knee-length) and stockings.  to esme’s 21st century eye, this is indeed a handsome outfit, although a guy walking around in the short breeches and stockings today just might end up on the psyche ward!

on the other hand, i imagine the vest and coat would look kinda cute on esme over a pair of leggings!

historically androgenous,



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