by admin on April 27, 2011

diana slavin blouse and vest

after some recreational shopping at sylvie and leaf and petal, esme was so excited by the idea of blouses, and especially sheer drapey blouses in neutral colors, that she decided to rummage through her closet to see what she could find.  voila!  she came upon a little orphaned diana slavin blouse that had been difficult to wear even when she bought it 20 years ago.  but it would be perfect for 2011!  especially with the miraculous addition of a flesh-colored spanx, which allows one to wear very sheer tops without looking obscene!

this is an extremely sheer pale cream silk blouse with bell-shaped sleeves.  it is open at the front and sides, and was intended to be worn under a vest and over a pair of pleated pants in a black-and-cream print.  the pants have been too small (and out of fashion) for several years, but the vest is still of interest.  esme tried the vest and blouse over her slim equestrian pants—very cool outfit that could have come right from the store!  black platform sandals and an assortment of pearls finished it off.

esme managed to wear this outfit out to dinner without even spilling salad dressing or sauce on the blouse.  now that is what i call success!

getting creative with the stuff i have,



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