by admin on April 27, 2011

tan top

banana republic safari jacket

it’s the first even vaguely warm day of spring here, and i am longing for an outfit in tan, white and cream.  the safari look has been all over the fashion magazines and in the shops, balancing out the urban vibes of color-blocking and the cottagey romance of floral prints with a sandy, down-to-earth look.

leaf and petal had a marvelous blouse in dark tan that esme was really attracted to, but it was not in her size.  banana republic (i remember when it was all safari back in the ’80’s) has some good-looking khaki jackets.  white shirts and blouses abound, especially in peasant styles.   esme is starting to think she should have bought the white cabi jeans she tried on a few months ago…..they’d look great with khaki on top, tan bernardo sandals, and maybe a bit of silver jewelry.

funny how the weather influences what one wants to wear.  around here it almost never gets really hot.  summer styles are full of sleeveless this and that, which are not warm enough for me even if i did want to show my arms.  but even on the central coast we can at least wear summer colors.  i’d especially like to find some sort of cream or off-white blouse to wear on top of white jeans and maybe underneath a khaki jacket.  even a tilley hat might look pretty stylish with such an outfit.  as a matter of fact, i wore my tilley hat and red wool coat to class the other day (mostly as protection from a drizzle), and my young classmates pronounced that i looked ready to go on safari!

now an actual safari is definitely not my thing (being on the agoraphobic side), but i do love the clothes!



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