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survival cape prototype

survival cape components

by now you know that esme enjoys using her imagination.  a fashion class assignment provided her an opportunity to do just that.  we were to design a sustainable (environmentally friendly) garment based on native cultures.  it could be atavistic or futuristic.

at first esme was really intimidated, design not being her forte.  and then it came to her:  a survival garment for use in natural or man-made disasters!  she liked the idea of a cape that could serve as protection from the elements, as well as a way to transport the necessities of life in an emergency.

she went to town (aided and abetted by mr. noir, an avid science fiction reader).  the cape would have 3 layers:  an outer layer made of a strong, water-proof fabric kind of like a much softer kevlar.  an inner layer would be made of spider silk (!), known to be extremely strong, soft and colorful.  then there would be an in-between layer, consisting of an inflatable air-mattress type thing.

the in-between layer could be blown up and used as a bed or even as a life-raft!  the spider-silk would be soft next to the body, extremely durable, and could be used as a rescue beacon due to it’s bright color.  the outer layer would have multiple well-sealed pockets.  these could hold necessities such as water packets, energy bars, medicines, water purification tablets and much more.  the color would be perhaps black and gray—useful if one needs to blend in.  the garment would be hooded http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/009621.html protection from sun, cold and impact.

best of all (and this technology actually exists), esme’s cape would be adorned with light-weight solar panels along collar and shoulders.  these could power small electronics, provide heat, purify water, and generally help create a home-away-from-home!

and you thought the bed-in-a-bag was a cool idea!

surviving in style and comfort,



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