by admin on April 28, 2011

patagonia down "sweater"

christophe is planning a late spring trip to france.  he will be starting out in paris attending an intensive language course, and going on to a hike through the alps.  of course he’s excited about collecting the appropriate gear!  apparently he needs:  a pack, a light-weight sleeping bag, hiking boots, a rain-proof parka, a fleece, light-weight pants that can become shorts, and so on.  esme made an exploratory trip to a few hiking/traveling stores to check out the possibilities.

the outdoorsy stuff they have these days is pretty cool.  north face and exofficio (to name just a few) make some nice trousers with zip-off bottoms, tons of pockets, and material that would be easy to wash.  safari shirts come in sun-protective fabrics.  light-weight patagonia down jackets seem to be all the rage for walking on the carmel beach, and would be good for an alpine hike as well.  (hmmm….maybe esme needs one of those for dog-walking).  they even make underwear out of packable, quick-drying material.  esme saw a pair of plaid boxers that would be quite fetching on christophe!

however, what esme kept thinking while shopping for alpine wear was this:  the thing that christophe really needs is esme’s sustainable survival cape!  it doesn’t include the zip-off pants or the pack, but one could put the pants, undies, t-s etc. in the survival cape’s pockets and maybe not even need a pack!  it’s got sleeping mattress, layers, rain-proof fabric, power-sources…..need i say more?  i suppose the only problem would be getting it through airport security!



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