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the pebble beach food and wine

food and wine what?  you might ask……well, it’s really a sort of festival but it’s simply called “the food and wine”.  in fact it’s a huge 4 day bacchanalia filled with famous chefs, wine-makers, foodies, and those who want to see and be seen.  mr. noir and esme had attended several years ago, when it was called “the masters of food and wine” (more grammatical if you ask me) and was held at the highland’s inn just south of carmel.  it was an unforgettable experience, and we have been talking for years about the lobster sandwiches and champagne we had there!

the opening night is a gigantic cocktail party that runs for 3 hours.  it’s terribly expensive, so of course you want to eat and drink as much as you possibly can in order to get your money’s worth (at least we did).  the event is now held at the inn at spanish bay.  esme was unfamiliar with the venu, so was unsure exactly what issues of comfort and dress to anticipate.  would it be cold? hot? indoors?  outdoors?  she knew she had to wear comfortable shoes for a 3-hr. stand-up, and clearly she didn’t want to wear sleeves that would drag in her food or anything that would be ruined by a splash of red wine.  she also wanted something that would allow her stomach to expand as needed.

as you can imagine, these requirements limited the options.  she finally decided on her navy duster and pants with an ancient but fashionable diana slavin print blouse in blues and blacks.  as far as foot-wear, she really had no choice but to don her combat boots, though she would have preferred a sandal or a more feminine shoe of some sort.  based on past experience, a purse just gets in the way when you are trying to balance your wine-glass and your food, so she did without.  she had hoped to take her iphone along in a pocket, but it was too heavy for the pockets in the duster!

esme and mr. noir set out in what i might call their safari cocktail wear (complete with pockets and tramping shoes), and you’ll have to wait for part 2 to find out how it went!



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