by admin on April 30, 2011

fois gras lollipops!

eggs with caviar at jacques pepin

as esme and mr. noir navigated the turns into spanish bay they could see people from the hotel walking along the sidewalk.  esme stomach began to feel a bit uneasy when she noticed that they were all rather dressed up–lots of black dresses and high heels.  well, she thought, they’ll soon regret the heels at least!

as they approached the grand entrance, people swarmed about and the smell of barbecued lobster made the mouth water.  upon the advice of an attendant, we decided to start in one of the more distant rooms, which promised to be less crowded.  the first thing that meet our lips was a little quail sauteed in etc etc–delicious but decidedly difficult to eat with one hand!  never ones to let such trivialities stand in the way of good food, we managed to chew and slurp our way through and be ready for the next dish in record time.

meanwhile, mr. noir had procured us some white wine.  there being so much data to process, i can’t tell you what it was.  we went on to consume a wonderful sushi, some pork buns, various cheeses, some silver oak (mmm), some eggs with caviar, some french deviled eggs, and much more.

the next room held an overwhelming assortment of food and wine, but we managed to rise to the occasion.   wild boar done 5 ways (including a delicious blood-sausage that esme ate too much of), an amazing thing called a foie gras macaroon, and omg, foie gras lollipops!  normally i pass on the foie gras due to cholesterol concerns but this was a situation where all rules were thrown out the window!

to be continued in part 3!




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