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form-fitting cocktail dress


cleavage and champagne

by the time esme and mr. noir had worked their way through the first 2 rooms, esme’s hunger and thirst were sufficiently sated that she was able to look around and appraise the sartorial aspect of the event.

ah if only i had a camera attached to my eyelid, and could just blink and take a photo!  there was a lot of fashion to take in!  esme quickly regretted her choice of outfit, though it was undeniably comfortable.  not a soul gave her second glance, and she felt a bit dowdy and cottonish in her clothes.

the really striking women (both young and oldish) were wearing cocktail dresses in fabric with glitter and shine. a popular and quite fetching look seemed to be a dress in this lightly gleaming fabric, sleeveless and body-hugging, with ruches at the curves.  this was accompanied by bare legs and some variation on the high-heeled gladiator sandal, often in a light neutral color.  lots of flesh was shown.  and believe it or not, some women carried little clutches—cute but highly impractical for eating and drinking while standing!

perhaps they didn’t really intend to eat anyway.  the population was striking for it’s thinness.  a lot of time and money had gone into personal training to be sure, and the complete absence of stomachs spoke to years of doing what is called at our gym “ab attack”.  there were some gorgeous tall women in sari-like gowns.  and one striking young thing in a bandeau dress that was not much bigger than a bikini!  mr. noir later hypothesized (in his inimitable rather sick way), that perhaps there was a bulimia room at the inn!

these observations lead to a dire need for some champagne, to which an entire room was devoted.  mr. noir was chivalrous enough to fetch some for esme while she cooled her heels on some actual chairs (thank heavens!), and watched the crowd from mid-thigh level.

quite enjoying the view,




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