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grace kelly/kate middleton

the second dress

esme made a little timing mistake, and ended up attending the opening of the pebble beach food and wine instead of watching the royal wedding.  so all she’s seen are little bits here and there on the news, the internet, etc.

have you met anyone who didn’t like the princess’ wedding gown?  esme certainly loved it, and would have been overjoyed to have worn it to her own wedding, had she been 29 and looked like kate middleton!  she especially loved the lace, the neckline and the sleeves.  i don’t know what one calls that neckline.  it rose up gently behind the neck to falling slowly down to the cleavage in a graceful line.  and tapered, full-length sleeves are some of my favorites.  so demure and yet so attractive!

the fashion world is talking about the idea that the princess was channeling grace kelly. what do you think, readers?  and what’s the meaning?

and the second dress is brilliant:  same shape, different details….and such gorgeous fabric!

here’s the thing though:  marrying a prince is just so far outside the realm of my personal experience that’s it’s difficult even to contemplate, much less opine.  i will say that i love kate’s dimples. and unlike diana (to whom esme was quite attached), she seems amazingly wholesome and un-neurotic ……which, for me, makes her even harder to relate to.  but, i’m sure this makes her a good wife for a prince!

i do recall where i was when diana died…..just as i recall where i was when kennedy was assassinated.  kate does not have an aura of tragedy.  and if william were my son, that’s just what i’d hope for!

RIP lady di,



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