WHATEVER HAPPENED TO KATE? (oh no i don’t mean THAT kate!)

by admin on May 2, 2011

a shopping moratorium

ready for a juice fast?

perhaps you’ve been wondering why esme hasn’t had any recent shopping adventures with kate.  well, much to esme’s chagrin, kate has been on a self-imposed shopping moratorium.

while this is usually a good thing for the person involved, it can be hard on their friends!  think of trying to meet your buddy for a glass of wine at rio grill, only to discover that they are in the middle of a juice fast!  btw, esme doesn’t do juice fasts, although after last week’s food and wine adventure, the idea did not sound as disgusting as it usually does!

anyway, i finally did meet up with kate (for a glass of wine, not a shop) and she told me that she had set a personal non-shopping record:  in 4 months she had spent less than $120 on clothes!  esme was positively gobsmocked!  this might not be an unusual thing for some people, but for a dyed-in-the-wool sportshopper such as kate, it was an amazing accomplishment.  esme only wishes she could say the same for herself.  well, in theory…….in addition, kate had been so active and busy with other stuff, that she had lost 4 pounds!

now if you ask me, that is a recipe for a little compensatory shopping, but we’ll see.

your friendly co-shopaholic,



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