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cydwok sandals

one of esme’s favorite fashion bloggers, angie cox of, recently posted a description of her difficulty finding sandals that would fit her long, slender toes.  she admitted to feeling self-conscious about her toes, which tend to hang over the edge of most sandals.  this description really cracked esme up.  she had never really considered being self-conscious about her toes, there being so many other body-parts to worry about!

in addition, of course, esme has the opposite toe problem:  hers are short and square, and often fail to fill in the end of the sandal-toe!  now kate has prehensile toes like angie’s, and esme has always found them to be both attractive and rather intriguing.  she can even pick things up with them!  so angie, esme recommends you embrace your toes!

even so, esme admits that the problem of finding sandals still stands.  any sandal that would fit esme’s toes would probably not work for toes like angie’s, and vice versa.  esme needs to go for sandals with a square or very round toe.  often she can go a size down.  brands like merrill and joseph siebel work well for her.  on the recommendation of roz, esme tried some cydwok shoes (pronounced “sidewalk”, get it??).  they were very stylish, but esme’s toes just did not make it even close to the end of the toe-box!  so people with long toes might try this brand.  look for shoes with an oval or pointy toe-box, and eschew the square!

readers might like to know that zappos has a hilarious sort of chat-room for shoe-lovers.  you can submit questions to this address:   this is exactly the kind of issue they discuss daily.

what esme tends to be self-conscious about these days, is when the weather warms up suddenly and she has failed to get her toes polished.  these days a pedicure seems to be a must for the sandal-weared…..and is impossible to do oneself if one’s back prohibits one from reaching one’s toes!  so off to the nail salon i go!

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