by admin on May 3, 2011

lady gaga's meat dress

kate's wedding gown

esme has been at a loss to come up with an angle from which to view the nuptials of prince willy and kate middleton.  until now.  the kids in her fashion class have been discussing the phenomenon of lady gaga.  neither esme nor the fashion prof. have really listened to her music.  and yet, the college kids are raving about her!   there must be something to this! yes!

while esme has yet to set aside the time to do a thorough review of gaga (something she fully intends to do), she had the brilliant inspiration that kate is the ANIT-GAGA!   what do you think?  the fashion kids seems to think that gaga is compelling in her wierdness because it sets the rest of us free:  if she can be that bizarre and famous,why can’t i be my wacky old me and be just fine?  this came up over and over again as an interpretation of gaga’s “message”.  and how wonderful, really.  anything goes!

both gaga and kate are at baseline quintessential wholesome cheerleader types.  yet,while gaga embraces the bizarre, kate has taken the conventional upon her shoulders.  both bear heavy burdens.  both will need to withstand the withering glare of the media, which they have taken on with eyes wide open and no malice aforethought.

esme can’t wait to see how it all comes out!



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